SANJAY KUMAR RAI – Chief Technology Officer – MFI GROUP – India



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Total IT / Technology budget (people + Infra + outsourcing + Services)

10 Million USD

Are organizations missing a trick by not creating a “Chief Insourcing Officer” post?

Yes! It is will be helpful to have a Chief Insourcing Officer in an
organization who can guide and be solely responsible as the channel
through which ideas and thoughts can flow and move towards the growth of
the organization in the form of insourcing model transitioned into the

What according to you defines insourcing in your industry?

Insourcing in my industry is working within the organization premise.
So to say, we work and operate within the domains in which we have
control and are able to develop products and provide services that we
fully understand and work with. Insourcing should help us make sure that
we are in control of our services and the team knows the ins and outs
of the entire product and services.

Why is it gaining momentum in your industry?

Success on project implementation has been made possible immensely
through the insourcing paradigm. In the long run, the organizations have
witnessed the cost cutting and revenue generation through successful
implementations of projects which insourcing provides.

How difficult or easy was insourcing transition for you?

It has been difficult as insourcing needs a lot of monitoring but
however it is not impossible. Moreover, it is necessary to implement and
undergo insourcing transition because once the model is setup it goes
on the create great resources and benefits for the organization.

What percentage of IT is currently insourced and how do you see it stabilising in two years’ time?

Currently we are at 40% and within two years we hope to stabilize at a lot more.

What are the key considerations for successful insourcing?

In terms of insourcing, the most important elements to focus on
should be monitoring, market intelligence, time and budget use. This
would essentially relate to the correct usage of the resources.

Who are the key support partners for successful insourcing?

Insourcing will give less effort for the task, as it’s in house so
you need skill and motivational key supporter for it like CEO, CTO and
CFO. In short, the administration and the C-suite professional need to
implement the correct culture of insourcing in their organizations
environment to make sure that the entire workforce works towards it.

How can a CIO create a solid business case for insourcing?

CIO can showcase it as in-house development with less time and
budget, also supporting staff skill is still within the company.
Moreover, the skill set will only increase over time as the technology
grows and improves. This will be beneficial to not just the organization
but will also empower the workforce and increase their morale in the

What are the key considerations in budgeting insourcing transition costs?

When it comes to budgeting we have to ready with failover plan so the
budget must always have a higher side so we can have a room to make
corrective measures. Market intelligence, product review and competitor
monitoring as and when it is required.

How can one ensure that the in-house IT will be able to support future requirements and innovations?

We have to provide abroad training and motivate team for
self-education via online tools. Providing promotion and increment via
their new technology adoption skill we can ensure for future, but we
need proper monitoring for it.

What are a few of the key tools or resources you use to monitor the overall health of your insourcing?

We use project management tool along with our HR module. We dedicated
one person responsible for entire project and we monitor his team time
and cost. This helps us in understanding and monitoring the overall
health of the insourcing through tangible and measurable results which
is really what matters in the end.

How has insourcing evolved in the last 5 years?

In last few years outsourcing is replaced by insourcing because of
convenience and non-dependency. This has been the two major issues why
insourcing has been involving and has taken place of the outsourcing to a
large extent.

What is the Insourcing Multiplier support that is essential for success?

First of all, Insourcing Multiplier needs to create awareness, need
to organise workshop & sharing collaterals about previous work. I
can say lots of marketing activities are required which are supposed to
be interactive.

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