Ninad Raje – Director, COO & CIO – HealthAssure – India

Give us an insight of Ninad’s professional life and career.

Ninad Raje is an IIM Kolkata Alumnus who has been working diligently
in the domains of information technology, healthcare, insurance and
financial services. At his current designation of Director and Chief
Information Officer at Health Assure Pvt. Ltd., his core portfolio is
that of Information Technology while taking care of people, performance,
productivity and profitability along with the implementation of
operations and customer relations. Raje is deeply indulged in the growth
of the organization and is responsible for the overall P&L of the
company. Ninad is considered to be a thought Leader in the domain of
Global healthcare, insurance and digital environments.

What has been the professional track which Raje has been on so far?

Ninad has been working with Information Technology, strategy and
operations for the past more than 22 years and has demonstrated his
abilities to manage and execute operations in executive level
relationships and in the management of multiple disparate teams. He has
excellent knowledge when it comes to solution delivery which includes
strategic definition, planning, budgeting , scope management and more.
As a senior leader Ninad has successfully lead several large
organizations to their true potentials.

What are your thought on insourcing?

Insourcing might be the new change which the industry needs to
help it grow and expand. With the pace at which the technology changes
today, the turnaround time for the product development and adoption of
the new technology has decreased so much. Continuous outsourcing at
every such change is no longer inherently viable. Insourcing
comes to the rescue when we need perennial solutions which will stay
with us and in our organizations and benefit us year over year in a
symbiotic manner. We need to start looking at the big picture and the
long run to get us ahead in the industry.

In the health-care industry that you work in, how viable will be the integration of insourcing.

It seems it will be more than viable considering the direction in
which are industry is moving. It is no longer the age old paradigms are
changing and we need to adopt and adjust with the new digital industry
and changes happening in the technology. Especially in the domains which
require research and innovation, Insourcing might be the only
option to opt for new technologies and using them to undergo in-depth
and pro-active research which can provide intelligent systems and
business solutions.

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