Nikhil Kumar Nigam – Associate Director – Amity University – India



Current project

Digital Transformation

Most proud achievement

Being associated with the current organization.

Dream project

Establishing a Center of Excellence for the students to Research
& Innovate Latest Trend & Technologies. Established by me but to
be run by the present students and taken over by new generations in the
upcoming batches in the University.

Team size


Total IT / Technology budget (people + Infra + outsourcing + Services)

Budget is just the numbers, may be few couple of crores It will be
unjustified to bind the technology with money at any specific time as
upgradations & new implementations are always an on-going process.

Are organizations missing a trick by not creating a “Chief Insourcing Officer” post?

Considering the fact, that every organization has its own style of
operations, it becomes important that the organization manages and its
operations in the best possible manner to promote growth. Having said
that, it is definitely the need of the hour that the technology
resources are insourced and to have a C-suit personnel looking over it
will be the definitely the thing to go for. The most important aspect
will be to boost up the performances and output the available resources
to make the business grow.

What according to you defines Insourcing in your industry?

Being from the academic industry, for us, insourcing in essence means
the bringing in of the various technologies available in our
industries, testing them, implementing them and having a group and team
of professionals who make sure that the technology is able to provide us
with the necessary proficiency and capabilities. We will need not just
the in-house technology team but also the students contributing towards
the growth of the overall academic and technology implementation setup
and moreover showcasing it as a complete success.

Why is it gaining momentum in your industry?

We have complete availability of all the resources from Hard Core
Technical team to Software Development Professionals. The availability
of these resources makes possible for in class data centres which are to
be maintained and organized in-house. With the growing need of
education to be imparted anytime-anywhere and with any-device access, it
is important that these technologies and data centres are developed

How is it better than the earlier pre-outsourcing situation?

Outsourcing as a model always used to work in a manner that specific
requirements are jot down, and based on those requirements a need
fulfilment model is developed. Now however, the technology is in a
progressive mode and with the pace of changing technology it has become
important that we keep updating and upgrading through skilling,
reskilling and training. This requirement and necessity of constant up
gradation can only be sensed in the insourcing model.

What services lend themselves best to outsourcing in your industry?

In the education domain we mostly outsource the domains which are not
to be in our complete and direct control and are our core stakeholders.
To some extent Software Developers, Programmers, Coders come under this
umbrella with respect to Education domain, as everything comes up
either as a webpage / URL or at the ease of the App on mobile devices.
Majority is however always insourced.

How difficult or easy was Insourcing transition for you?

The insourcing transition was never an easy process, the only need
was to analyse the end requirements as per the insourcing model and
place it in the right hands with respect to the leadership of the
project and the right skilled team over the required technology.

What percentage of IT is currently insourced and how do you see it stabilising in two years’ time?

Major percentage of the domain in our domain is currently Insourced.
Over the period of two years we look towards obtaining a mile stone
where the focus is to research and innovate the technology in-house. To
say the least, are entire research, innovation and technology
development at both the levels of academic implementation and RnD is

What are the key considerations for successful Insourcing?

I believe, the most important aspect will be to identify the correct
domain in which insourcing is most important, beginning with the most
suitable technology and assigning a skilled team under the right
leadership to deliver the desired results.

Who are the key support partners for successful Insourcing?

The key support needs to come from the managerial board including the
CEO and CTO. Moreover, the Quality Assessment Team will be a major
shareholder to assess the compliance and end requirements and the End
Users will act as the feedback system to ensure the correct delivery and
growth of the system.

How can a CIO create a solid business case for Insourcing?

It has to be based on the past experience and data and information
collected by the organization under the guidance of CIO and his zeal to
make the insourcing transition happen. It has to be not just a technical
Model but also a Business Model in order to drives the organization
towards expected / desired results within the defined timeframe.

What is the key consideration are budgeting Insourcing transition costs?

I believe, while defining budgets, we restrict the technology of the
solution. The technology being insourced should have a sense of a
business model that makes sure that revenue generation is kicked up
using service and operational components being implemented to their

How can one ensure that the in-house IT will be able to support future requirements and innovations?

The IT team being developed and kept in-house needs to be focused
and adequately equipped with the necessary resources in order to make
sure that the delivery of the results is open ended and perennial.

What are a few of the key tools or resources you use to monitor the overall health of your Insourcing?

We have deployed not just performance monitoring and behaviour
monitoring tools, along with right allocation of resources but also a
Quality Assessment team which can monitor the performances of the people
managing the technology being implemented in the insourcing solution.
We believe both should be in good health to deliver expected results.

How has Insourcing evolved in the last 5 years?

Insourcing kicked off with a slow pace in the initial period as it
took time for the Organizations to adapt it and put into function.
Slowly & gradually it was detected that right analysis and correct
deployment of resources which has led it to be in the position that it
is today. As of now it has become immensely mature to rule the industry.

What is the Insourcing Multiplier support that is essential for success?

The insourcing multiplier will provide the requisite knowledge of the
technology which can be insourced along with the delicate intricacies
in doing so. Moreover, they are a team of Skilled People, and they are
providing proven business models based on past experiences and
progressive approach which is mandatory for the success.

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