Mohamed Halloum – Chief Information Officer – Label’Vie – UK



Team Size

100 people

Most proud achievement

M&A with Metro Cash & Carry Morocco

Current project

M&A with first retailer in Ivory Coast (CDCI)

Why is it gaining momentum in your industry?

Immense amount of disruptions are being created in the retail
industry due to digital innovations and the entry of big players. All
this leads to the need of rapid growth and rise of the technological and
business standards of the organizations. The best possible way to make
this disruption and digitization to take place in-house is by creating
insourcing models which can ensure growth and development of the highest

How can a CIO/CTO create a solid business case for insourcing?

IT itself can provide a very solid business case as it can also be
included as a remote insourcing model where the professionals can work
from remote login with the new tools and using the universality of
technology. There will be no logistic costs and the revenue generation
will be under the complete control and accounting of the organization.
The business case essentially is a one which takes into account not just
monetary benefits but also reduction of man work hours and complexity
and risk based losses.

What does the future hold for the insourcing development and industry?

The insourcing future in the retail industry might be a little slow
due to many numbers of external agents and agencies which are involved
and need to work in coherence. However, insourcing is unavoidable and
will have to be included and implemented on the go as we satisfy
increasingly secure and personalized demands of the industry and also
the services that the organizations provide.

How has insourcing evolved over the past five years?

Over the past years we have noticed the growth of the need of
organizations to have better control and better security over their
products and services. Outsourcing has not been able to provide such
elements and consequently there has been a slow yet steady rise in the
insourcing models. The current and last year however, has seen even more
rise in insourcing with more and more organizations becoming aware of
its advantages and long term benefits.

What will be the Insourcing Multiplier’s support in the insourcing growth?

The Insourcing Multiplier seems like an amazing initiative which can
provide the organizations with the necessary information and outlook of
what is currently happening in the insourcing industry. From the
perspective of not just implementation but also from the perspective of
research and innovation, the organizations can gain insight into the
insourcing industry and insourcing transition.

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