Martin Hiesboeck – Technology Evangelist – Geber Brand Consulting – Germany

Lets have a little insight into this Technology Evangelist’s professional life.

Martin Hiesboeck is a former deputy director of the Austrian Trade
office and has been responsible for conducting and executing several
complex and demanding techno-marketing projects across the globe. He is
an International marketing expert who leads a team of digital marketeers
at Geber consulting and works closely with the leading brands to
provide international marketing solutions.

What is the professional track which Martin has followed so far?

Martin comes with more than 25 years of experience in marketing and
business development in Asia and strategic market entry is his forte
and expertise. Previously, Martin has worked as the Deputy director in
Advantage Austria, as the Regional Director of Asia Pacific For
ABA-Invest in Austria and also as the Managing director of CodeXchange.

Which industrial domains might be gaining momentum towards the insourcing industry?

Martin has some profound thoughts regarding the insourcing
industry and he sees it as the next big thing in the operational and
work procedure transitions in the industry. To quote “ I believe the
biggest changes gaining momentum are in the field of data sciences,
machine learning, and artificial intelligence”

Why are these domains important to be pushed forth in the insourcing industry

Martin’s thoughts echo the impending truth about insourcing,
that the in-house personnel need to fully understand the importance and
complexity of data of their organizations in order to execute the steps
necessary to use that data efficiently. This is what makes insourcing
so important and impervious to failures and shortcomings.
Martin puts focus on the most advanced technologies currently growing in
the industry
as that of data sciences, machine learning and artificial intelligences
and rightly emphasizes as to how important it would be to insource the
core operations and procedures in order to keep the innovations and
communications closed and secured.

What are some significant developments you have seen in the domains which urge you to say so?

There have been some very significant developments taking place in
the world of digital industry such as electronic stickers which can
streamline large-scale Internet of Things integration along with use of
AI and ML in the digital marketing industry which is pushing forth the
organizations of digital marketing to new frontiers and heights.

In your own organization would you be putting in house teams which work in these areas and domains?

Working in the digital marketing industry, it is important that we
work and make use of AI and ML to assess and understand the market
conditions and requirements. An in-house team of professionals well
versed in these domains is required to make sure that the operations
remain streamlined and up to date. This ensures that there is no
communication break down and no data or information loss or
mis-interpretation. Everyone is on the same page and working towards the
same goal.

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