Marek Zmyslowski Serial Entrepreneur – South Africa


Online Business and Technology

Current project

I’m finishing my book about doing business as a European in Africa.

Most proud achievement

I cofounded Jumia Travel, biggest hotel booking site in Africa.

Team size


Why is insourcing gaining momentum in your industry?

Having worked in the AdTech industry for quite some time, I can
firmly say that quality control is something which is beyond important
for us. There is limited to no scope of errors or even sub-quality
services. Owing to this paramount need and requirement of quality
control and development, Insourcing has been gaining immense momentum in
our industry. We are seeing more and more organizations including our
own who are working towards the development of insourcing models and
insourcing solutions for their organization to be implemented and put

How can a CIO/CTO create a solid business case for insourcing?

In order to create a solid business case for outsourcing it becomes
imperative and important that the organization is made to realize the
importance of insourcing and the managerial board is brought forth the
complete picture of benefits and advantages of insourcing which can
provide results in a quantifiable and tangible manner. In order to
create a business case which shows the advantages of the insourcing
transition, the CIO/CTO must necessarily bring into picture the long
term affects and advantages which brings with itself and do so in the
manner of revenue generation and development.

What are the key economic and operative driving factors in the insourcing transition as experienced by the industry?

It can be said without doubt that the initial capital investment in
any insourcing solutions might be a bit higher than what an outsourcing
solution might provide. However, these costs are compensated through the
ROI within a short period of time and the best part is that there is no
annual or recurring cost like the one which is provided to any
outsourcing agency. Moreover, there are multiple insourcing models
growing up of which many are highly cost effective which provide immense
growth while cutting down on the cost in the long and short run.
On the operative side, insourcing requires some amount of
enterprise-cultural change and the change in the mind-set itself of the
managerial board to ensure that the entire board and leaders are aligned
towards the insourcing transition and development of the in-house force

What do you think the future is for the insourcing industry?

Without a shred of doubt, the future of the insourcing industry looks
absolutely bright. We are witnessing huge changes in the industry as
we see it and it has become important that we ensure that the
organizations are aligned in their operations and the workforce is
highly skilled and updated at all times to ensure the growth and
development of the business and revenue of the organization. In order to
make this possible, insourcing seems to be one of the best bets for any
organization and even for solving any organizational problem relating
to business or technology.

What role might the insourcing multiplier play in the development of the insourcing industry?

The insourcing multiplier in itself can very well act as the guidance
system to provide the new and old organizations the directions which
they can take in their insourcing journey. From research and news to
case studies and feature articles, all these resources will go a long
way in providing any organization with the necessary fuel to make the
correct decisions when it comes to insourcing.

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