Mandie Holgate – Author, Speaker – The Business Woman’s Network – UK


Diverse – including Virgin Care, NHS, Universities, IT, Development, Legal, Tourism and Leisure.

Current project

Diverse predominantly confidential

Most proud achievement

It has been quite a few including, the visit to House of Lords, 10
Downing Street, being asked to write Fight the fear for the UK’s leading
non fiction publisher, coaching 200 people in a 2 hour session with
exceptional feedback, named as a top inspirational woman of the year by
top international corporation

Tell us a bit about the professional and academic track of Mandie.

Mandie has been a specialist in sales, business growth, business
success, marketing and sales and has tremendous experience in the domain
of marketing and sales and especially when it comes to public relations
and branding.
Mandie has written two separate books on dealing with business
development and growth. Her second book, “fight the fear” has been an
international best seller and while providing and effecting number of
lives across the globe. She is also the founder of The Business Women’s
Network Mandie has helped many budding business women put at the front
of th global industry and world.

Are organizations missing a trick by not creating a “Chief Insourcing Officer” post?

Before insourcing transition can take place in any organization,
proof is needed to create situations and take decisions so that a data
driven decision is made before the organization jumps up on the band
wagon. It will be necessary for the organizations to work and think in a
more critical and organic way which will be only possible if a
dedicated Chief Insourcing Officer is working round the clock to make
this happen. Organizations must understand and think fast to to create
such a position while appreciating the benefits that this position can

What according to you defines Insourcing in your industry?

In order to remain in business and make sure that an organization
remains in business and cutting edge in their technology it is important
that the right people are brought in-house and made sure that the
operations and procedures are kept inside the house so that the skills
are used to increase and maximizing the ROI included in every single
aspect of the company.

Why is it gaining momentum in your industry?

Mine and every industry needs expert growth and re-skilling of
professionals of the organizations. It is necessary that the
professionals are pushed outside their own remits and insourcing will be
the best way to make that possible in order to enable organizations for
all sizes and sorts of business.

How has Insourcing evolved in the last 5 years?

Insourcing in the last few years has grown manifold to become a
worldwide entity today. We have seen a number of organizations endorsing
and moving up with insourcing solutions which have helped them grow
manifold and implement solutions which can make sure that the
re-skilling of the of professionals makes it a perennial addition and
establishment for the organization which makes it a permanent revenue
generator and profit percentage increment.

What is the Insourcing Multiplier support that is essential for success?

Coming from the public relations and marketing I can say from sure
that the insourcing multiplier can act as a beacon for those willing to
move ahead and endorse the ways of insourcing by gaining the necessary
knowledge and information resources. The portal provides a number of
resources in the form of case studies, news, research and talks from
thought leaders as well. New organizations looking to move into
insourcing can very easily track down and follow organizations through
these resources who have already taken up insourcing and make their
decisions and further moves to ensure their transition into insourcing.

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