Jose Miguel Collantes – CIO – Italy


Customer Experience

Current project

Extracting insights from more than 3000 offices of a big logistics
name by crossing satisfaction polls with records from queue systems, BIM
and CRM accounting for more than a hundred million.

Most proud achievement

Automatize great part of the data collection using micro services.

Dream project

Cleanse the North Atlantic and Pacific Garbage patches using renewable energy to collect and treat the waste.

Why is it gaining momentum in your industry?

It is indeed a global trend due to purge previous outsourcing
excesses. The outsourcing trend had been taken up headlong and everyone
has got into it without paying much attention to the long term affects.
The excess has led to some very grave consequences that were required to
be nullified. Insourcing has been immensely responsible for
compensating for the adverse affect of outsourcing. The goal as always
is to gain competitiveness. Competitiveness now is being made possible
through the paradigms and models on insourcing being incorporated in the

Are organizations missing a trick by not creating a “Chief Insourcing Officer” post?

It depends on the organization size. Global companies as well as
local ones with 1000+ employees will surely benefit of having an
Insourcing Officer active on the service purchasing process, while
smaller one can have a “dual-hat” job description. All in all, having a
person who has a major role in the development of the insourcing model
and transition from the outsourcing structure into the insourcing
structure will certainly help.

How can a CIO/CTO create a solid business case for insourcing?

As insourcing could be a quite expensive, business case must stress
the long-term benefits of insourcing even though short-term cost figures
increase. The focus should not only be yearly revenue increment
generation but year over year improve in the cost cutting and steady
profit percentage increment while strengthening the organization’s
workforce to develop a strong ground and base for its growth.

What services lend themselves best to outsourcing in your industry?

The most widely outsourced service is management and technical
support of deployed polling terminals. These are the non-core services
which render themselves good enough to be outsourced so that the
organizations can focus on their core processes.

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