Jani Kaipainen – CEO – Mekiwi – Finland


Virtual Reality entertainment, Blockchain, Cryptocurrencies

Current project

We are developing Virtual Reality Games with Mekiwi. Current project
which has been just released:

Also at the same time we
are developing a Freelancer marketplace powered by Blockchain and
Cryptocurrency. Project is called PayPerBlock and its registered in UK.
Technical development and design is being done here in Oulu, Finland.

Most proud achievement

Designing, producing and building up a team which has shipped successfully a top selling game in Virtual Reality field.

Dream project

This has to do something with Space Exploration or maybe digging deep
into research of Subconsciousness of Human mind. Also research about
non physical phenomena fascinates me. There’s so much left to discover.

Team size

We have over 20 nerds and artist at our disposal

What according to you defines insourcing in your industry?

I believe it relates to the nurturing and caring about the
increasing knowledge, wisdom of the technology and the industry, inside
the company itself. This strategy is very long term oriented. Hiring
many young and very creative individuals with lots of potential
supported by industry seniors and professionals can be done. Also, it
may relate to the concept of not to outsource the most critical part of
your company. Indeed, it’s costlier in the beginning, but it will come
back thousand-fold with the many different ideas, efficiency and even
spin-off companies.

Why is it gaining momentum in your industry?

Organizations are slowly realizing its importance and as stated in
the previous answer, it is a long term oriented game plan which provides
benefits and returns thousand-fold in many different ways.

What services lend themselves best to outsourcing in your industry?

I think there is plenty of space in outsourcing especially in
educational field. To consult and to train different organizations
professionals to become even better versions of theirs selves. Of course
from time to time guns for hire are used for tight deadlines. Then the
service providers who are the most easiest to work with, win.

How difficult or easy was insourcing transition for you?

Insourcing for us was quite natural as it is what we believe in. We
already have a centralized organization where we provide specific and
niche services. Outsourcing was never something we relied on a lot.

What percentage of IT is currently insourced and how do you see it stabilising in two years’ time?

85% I see this as a quite optimal. We will probably go for
acquisitions to maintain it high. The insourced operations are what we
aim to maintain and grow in the coming years.

Who are the key support partners for successful insourcing?

In my industry, I have found that the key support partners for the
insourcing transitions include Universities, Hack-a-thons, Large
networks for recommendation. Moreover, the administrative panel needs to
extend their support to see through the insourcing transition and its
establishment in the organization.

How can one ensure that the in-house IT will be able to support future requirements and innovations?

The in-house IT will be able to support future requirements and
innovations by following industry trends. By innovating and creating
company spin-offs. But the most importantly I believe its keeping the
quality of working as high as possible in order have increased
creativity and productivity in the organisation By this way personnel is
motivated to improve themselves and to learn actively new skills.

What are a few of the key tools or resources you use to monitor the overall health of your insourcing?

In my experience what works is that having an open and
non-hierarchical organization makes it’s monitoring quite easier. People
don’t need to play anything else than they really are. Feedback will be
shared quickly, in a constructive manner. People watch over their
colleagues and as to the company.
But what comes to monitoring that? I would rather call it observation. Observe, ask.

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