Jacob W. Oduor – CEO & CIO – The One Consultants Limited – Kenya


Telematics/Tracking – Real Time Solutions & Services

Current project

Real Time traffic cops & bumps ahead alert/solution. Secondly,
tracking unit with ability to open car doors, start ignition on and stop
ignition on using a tracking app.

Most proud achievement

The moment we were able to prove that the fuel solution is real & accurate and working

Dream project

Creating a real time solution that connects real time video
surveillance, ambulance, police, owner, next of kin, insurance and
hospitals to be able to provide a fast solution to customers and
businesses as well.

Team size

5 – 10 people

Why is it gaining momentum in your industry?

People are now realizing the importance of location based services as
well as energy, fuel, electricity, cooking gas, water) consumption and
monitoring system. The advantages that location based in-house services
provide when it comes to energy consumption and monitoring outweigh the
cost benefits which the outsourcing paradigm provides. We are better
controlled and we are able to provide better services to our clients.

Are organizations missing a trick by not creating a “Chief Insourcing Officer” post?

Yes! They can miss a lot of valuable information and data that can be
harnessed or useful in looking at the bigger picture and how the world
is currently changing. By knowing what is happening around the industry
in terms of technology and bringing it in-house by the CIO can lead to
better growth and revenue generation for the organization.

How can a CIO/CTO create a solid business case for insourcing?

The CIO needs to work as a team with the other workers and
professionals to realize that with the current technology; most of the
physical technical work or aspect of a machine or asset can be automated
and controlled using technology. From there, they can come up with
viable business solutions/opportunities to be performed in-house. Once
these things are assimilated they can be shown in the form of results
they may lead to.

What services lend themselves best to outsourcing in your industry?

We can outsource real Time Management of energy budget and stock
control as a back-up oversight along with the management of fleet/assets
again, as a backup.

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