If my flight is cancelled or delayed, what should I do?

Since the peak of the winter holiday season, some air passengers have had a difficult time getting on and off the plane.

Airlines have been postponing and delaying thousands of flights since December 23 due to a rise in Omicron variant cases that has caused personnel shortages, as well as harsh winter weather conditions.

You may once again lay the blame on the weather this week.

According to CNN Business, hundreds of flights were canceled throughout the United States on Thursday due to a huge snow storm.

What if you’re one of the unfortunate passengers who happens to get caught up in this situation? Here are some suggestions to assist passengers in navigating the system when flights are delayed or canceled due to personnel shortages, inclement weather, or other factors:

Stay away from becoming stranded at the airport.

As frustrating as it is to learn that your flight has been delayed for an extended period of time, or worse, canceled, it is preferable to learn of the delay or cancellation from the comfort of your own home or hotel room and make new travel plans from there.

“Before you go for the airport, double-check your flight status.” According to Scott Keyes, the creator of Scott’s Cheap Flights, “the vast majority of these alerts are not occurring at the last minute.” “You can save yourself the hassle of driving to the airport.”

In an interview with CNN Travel conducted late last year, Keyes said that after purchasing a ticket, you should sign up for free SMS notifications on the status of your trip from the airline. It’s also a good idea to get the app from your carrier.

You may also just enter your airline and flight number into a Google search box to get the status of your flight that way as well. That’s also useful for friends or family members who are waiting to pick you up at the airport.

Keyes also recommended that people use the website FlightAware to keep track on bigger flying patterns throughout the nation.

If you’ve already arrived at the airport,

Sometimes the delays and cancellations occur after you have already arrived at the airport, which is frustrating. Once the dreadful news is revealed, what should you do next is up to you.

Keyes advised making your way as quickly as possible to the airline agents’ counter — and preparing to multitask while you’re waiting in line.

The term “rapid” is essential in this context. “It is going to make a difference who is the first to arrive.” You will be served in the order in which you arrive. According to Keyes, “putting oneself in close proximity to the desk might be beneficial.”

While you’re waiting, dial the number for your wireless provider. Depending on where you are in line, you may be able to get through to a call center more quickly. “It doesn’t matter what occurs first,” he remarked.

Calls to domestic lines in the United States may be subject to very lengthy hold times. Instead, Keyes advised that you try calling your carrier’s international call center instead.

Many tourists in the United States are unaware that Delta has a Canadian customer service number. It’s possible that you’ll reach an agent much more quickly. They are all capable of handling your bookings in the same manner.”

According to American Airlines, you may also utilize a self-service kiosk. The revised travel data are available by scanning your boarding ticket or entering your record location. Additionally, you may change your flight and print your new boarding tickets from this location.”

It is important to have a positive attitude and do research.

No matter whether you’re in person or on the phone with a real estate agent, how you handle the situation may make a significant impact. That begins with one’s mindset.

“Honey has a greater attraction to flies than vinegar,” Keyes said. “Take a look at this from the standpoint of the airline representatives. Because of the epidemic, they’ve been dealing with disgruntled clients almost from the beginning. The agent is the one who is most suited to assist you in your situation.

“Asking softly and compassionately increases your chances of getting what you want far more than being a jerk about it.”

Another piece of advice for when it’s your time to speak with an agent about creating new arrangements: “Be prepared to provide your own ideas before you ever speak with them.” “Conducting your own research is quite beneficial.”

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