Bhagavad Gita is timeless. It was not only relevant in the past but it is relevant in the modern times and in the future also. Currently with the materialism at its peak, the knowledge of Bhagavad Gita is most urgently required to the mankind more than ever. Bhagavad Gita is as relevant today as it was in ancient times during the war of Mahabharata. The fact that it was preached by Lord Krishna in the middle of the battle field it self indicates that this sacred knowledge is not just for the selected few in forests, Himalayas or for the saints, where as it is very much practical for everybody in the middle of daily routines. Just like Arjuna was reminded of his Dharma in the battle field, we in modern times are reminded of our roles and are motivated to act without attachments and fear. As our attachments and fear make our decision making biased when our mind is clouded with these negative emotions. In varying degrees all of us are suffering , and Bhagavad Gita is the only cure to come out of confusion, dilemma and equipoise state of mind, just like Arjuna was cured in the battlefield.

Sorrow and is struggling to come out of it.

Seeking various worldly objects which can bring in happiness. Thus want of worldly object is not just limited to food and shelter, but mind craves for more sensational pleasure as well!! Today the problem of Humanity is not just the survival but it’s the craving and pursuit of pleasures associated with senses at physical, emotional and intellectual level.

The source of all pains and sorrows of mankind is the “ATTACHMENT” and “FEAR”. Man is attached to his near and dear ones and is unable to expand the circle of his actions So as to include all human being in it!! His actions are limited to the welfare of his family only and at the most of his friends and relatives. Because of which his actions in personal life and as well as in professional life are biased And he is also afraid of uncertainties which may happen to him and his near and dear ones.

Arjuna was also in the same state of mind in the battle field.. when teachings of Gita were given to him by the Lord. His mind was clouded with attachment and fear. He was grieving because his near and dear ones were going to die And he felt that he may incur Paap (sin) if he go ahead with the war. There was a lack of role clarity and he was not able to take Right decision because of his fears.

Lord Krishna then in the middle of the battle field gave him the knowledge of Gita and motivated him to follow the path of Dharma by understanding his role and to act accordingly without getting affected with his emotions. Arjuna then came out of his equipose state of mind and stood up to perform his karma (action).

Today, we as professionals also face such situations many time in our workplace when we could not take a decision because of fear of uncertainties or our decisions are biased because of our attachments/inclinations. In fact in varying degrees every man is a victim of disease which Arjuna’ s body and mind was experiencing at that time, and “every Man needs the cure of Gita to perform right actions at right time”

It simply does not mean that Gita advocates the wars and violence. It is a call of each one of us to get up and fight the battle of our own life accordingly.

To conclude, “You can look soft from outside but you can not afford to be weak from inside”. As more strong you are from within, More efficiently you will be able to fight against your own Negative emotions – fear and attachment and as a result you willl be able to take tough decisions of life effectively.

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