Here’s How New Zealand Eliminated COVID-19 And Became One Of The COVID-19 Free Countries

The novel Coronavirus first entered New Zealand on 28 February 2020 and on Monday 8 June 2020 the country declared that their last patient of Covid-19 recovered as well. This marked the elimination of Covid-19 from the country and the Prime Minister announced the upliftment of lockdown except for the border remaining closed for a longer period. But how did they do it? How New Zealand made itself free from Coronavirus? How New Zealand being a country of more than 5 million people eliminated Coronavirus in such a short time? This question arises in the minds of many and mainly because the big economies of the world like UK, USA, and India are still facing the spread of Coronavirus. Here, we will tell you How New Zealand did it.

Majors opted by New Zealand to Eliminate Covid-19

  1. Shaun Handy, who governs the scientific body that advises regarding Covid-19 said that this the result of an early lockdown which was a very crucial step. As per this, the early lockdown helped the country greatly in preventing the virus from spreading to the essential workers. With early lockdown, the spread of the Coronavirus was controlled.

  2. Another major step taken by the officials of New Zealand was the rapid testing of Covid-19 of 294,800 people. Early lockdown helped control the spread and testing at such a larger scale effectively helped them to monitor, isolate and treat the infected people. The country had only 1500 infected personals and 22 deaths.

  3. At first, the country was on lockdown level two for 2 weeks and the gathering of over 100 people was banned and borders were closed as well when there 28 active cases and zero deaths. Soon after this, the non-essential businesses and schools were shut down as part of lockdown 3 in which any type of gathering and events were banned as well.

  4. But they didn’t stop right there as just after 2 days of lockdown 3 they quickly moved to lockdown 4 from March 25 to May 29. The 48 hours gave people the time to prepare for lockdown 4. During this period police reported 7127 breaches and executed 336 prosecutions.

  5. People were urged to stay home especially during the night and people over 70 years of age were urged to stay at home at all times. Social Distancing was highly promoted as well and still, people are advised to do so even though the country is free from Virus currently

Hendy says that cases  of Covid-19 can come up again when the borders will be opened or the winter comes. But effective testing, quarantine as well as contact tracing will help greatly before the situation can go out of control. He added that lockdown has been hard on people and has greatly affected the economy but a sharp and short lockdown has helped to do wonders as well. So, their last resort will be lockdown again if the time comes to be.

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