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Predictive Analytics and Business Planning

Current project

Supply Chain and Digital Transformation

Most proud achievement

I would assume you mean professionally because my proudest moments
have not been in the board room but at home married to a wonderful wife
and 3 amazing children. Professionally it may be as hard to pin down a
“most” proud between recipients of the Excellence in Business
Forecasting Award, to global key note speaking opportunities; to being
able to help transform businesses all of them incrementally have made me
and have been the pride of the achievement of where I am today.

Dream project

I actually am very lucky in that I am living and doing my dream job
and project right now. For Escalade Sports we are in the midst of a
large supply chain and digital transformation or more like revolution. I
love impacting change and being part of a successful company and this
project is sure to position Escalade for the future economy and
marketplace and enable exponential growth opportunities. At the same
time with Institute of Business Forecasting (IBF) as a thought leader I
am helping drive the direction of the future of predictive analytics and
demand planning and reshape or field for the upcoming generation.

Are organizations missing a trick by not creating a “Chief Insourcing Officer” post?

More than Chief Insourcing Officer, I believe the companies are
missing out on a lot by not having an insourcing attitude itself. The
Chief Insourcing Officer will only help supplement it and improve upon
the insourcing procedures. In order to keep up and adapt to the future
of the business, it is important not just the C-suite but the culture of
the organization itself is turned towards insourcing. The position will
no doubt help provide credibility and top down advocacy is highly
important; and not just for IT, the single function of insourcing must
live and breathe in all the parts of the organization.

What according to you defines insourcing in your industry?

Insourcing I can readily explain in the three words, i.e. agility,
stability and capability. It inherently means the acquisition and
implementation of internal resources including both technical and
professional in order to match the ever-changing and modifying needs of
the market in order to do the business quickly, effectively and

Why is it gaining momentum in your industry?

For decades, we have preached and lived by the principles that
business is always about the people, process and technologies. But
amongst them, most importantly, business is about the people themselves.
History has always provided that once something is commoditized,
something else becomes a premium. The premium which we provide for these
people is the development of critical thinking skills, communications,
emotional intelligence and these are the very skills that cannot be
outsourced and are highly valuable to insourcing. Considering the fact
that we are on the verge of fourth industrial revolution these skills
and more are needed in-house itself and is becoming critical with every
passing day.

What services lend themselves best to outsourcing in your industry?

In the field of predictive analytics and planning for the past few
years, we have seen immense debates and questions arising between the
industrialists that if outsourcing is needed or insourcing is needed to
be implemented. Especially in the field of data, analytics and related
fields, the organizations have so far looked at outsourcing and lights
out type of forecasting and analytics, but now organizations are seeing
more specialized positions being developed in the field with a growing
number of insourcing support being provided by insourcing provider
making all outsourcing operations to shift to in-house itself.

How can a CIO create a solid business case for insourcing?

My organization is currently in the midst of this transformation of
technology and the supply chains by bringing the processes in-house and
enabling long term and perennial success for the organization. This is
done by creating and fortifying the internal resources in the insourcing
process and consequently sustaining and supporting it. The business
case that we aim is on the need to focus on long term benefits instead
of the short-term ROI. This will be the key to success of the company
and will many times make sure that the underlying culture of the
organization itself is changed to support insourcing itself. We are here
to build a company of innovations and thought leaders and the long term
benefits we aim for cannot be achieved through the outsourcing model.

How has insourcing evolved in the last 5 years?

We believe that any such tremendous change happens in cycles and
especially when it comes to business processes we are now seeing the
resurgence of insourcing and it is only going to increase in the coming
decade for sure. We are also simultaneously seeing the change and
innovation in the methods and models of insourcing which are no longer
looking exactly as the past models and methods. Using the next
generational workforce and the technology we are looking at the
convergence of freelancing and insourcing workforce coming together
which has never happened in the past five years. At IBF we are seeing
that the need for “people” and that to in-house has increased
tremendously and is bound to increase in the coming decade by a ratio of
ten to one!
Also, we have witnessed in the past few years that in-house or
insourcing does not necessarily mean exclusivity and in the office
itself. Companies can now very well find their new recruits in the form
of global freelancing or off shore insourcing pool in the new generation
of the professionals who are being reskilling and coming off age. This
will again be insourcing process only but instead of the outsourcing
hassle, they will be under the complete control and communication of the
company. They will of-course need to shift away from the model of
command and control and move over to the concept of coordinate and
cultivate mentality for the various different types of insourced

What is the Insourcing Multiplier support that is essential for success?

United Perspectives, as it seems, will act as the store house and
go-to place for gaining any and all kinds of information resources which
are needed to make better decisions when undergoing an insourcing
transition. Through the case studies, newsletters, research papers,
white papers and the features themselves, organizations can gain much
insight into the how and what of the insourcing transition. This will
help them gain idea and advantage of preparation and thus make sure that
the organizations can make correct decisions.

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