Dragon’s Ladakh Misadventure

While the entire world is behind China because of the worldwide outbreak of COVID-19 & because most of the countries believe China’s involvement behind the outbreak, USA & its allies are on the other hand not only blaming China for COVID-19 outbreak but they have already initiated tangible actions to penalize China for this. USA has started a host of counter attacks on China, banning its imports, not extending the visas of Chinese aspirants in USA who wants to persue studies in artificial intelligence or national security. USA is also in a mood to go up to the extend of cutting off all the trade retentions with China, as there is USD 500 billion trade deficit they have with them. Chinese Tech companies like Huawei is already facing import restrictions on critical components from USA and their CFO is in house arrest in Canada and may be extradited to USA soon.

The global investor community is now jittery about investments in China after USA has increased its   sanctions on them & the most recent has been banning 33 Chinese companies who do business in USA and also a legislation to stop them from listing on US stock exchanges.

China on the other hand is trying to take advantage of the situation of COVID-19, as there is hardly any nation who is not untouched by the pandemic. Most of the Govt’s machinery is working round the clock to fight the epidemic, giving China an opportunity to work in its expansionist doctorine& challenge the sovereignty of its adjacent countries, like Vietnam and Philippines and others.

China has a proven history of interference in the internal matters of politically unstable countries like Iran, Afghanistan, Sri Lanka and Nepal etc. making nexus with dictatorships like North Korea, trapping countries by its infamous debt-trapping policy like they did in African countries or by trapping other countries in their false schemes like OROB & CPEC with Pakistan etc. From the beginning, China has never hesitated to find ways to have political dominance on other territories like Taiwan, Hongkong, Tibet or threatening the sovereignty of countries like Japan, South Korea, Vietnam and Philippines etc.

While the world this time around is ready to corner China because of its alleged involvement in spreading COVID-19, its so called allies are also sidelining China & this can be seen within its sphere of influence;  Hongkong being its recent example where common people revolted against the Chinese aggression compromising their lives & it was a mass protest not inspired by any political motives. This all must be seen in the light of  Xi Jinping who was awarded to remain as the President of Republic of China for rest of his life,as a reward of being in the good books of the authoritative body “Politburo”. But now suddenly under the tremendous pressure “to perform” for “Politburo” any person can be the next “Xi Jinping”. He is not immortal and permanent and not irreplaceable as they can create options and may even have a few up their sleeves as we talk.

While the world’s scenario & its view point has changed due to the outcome of COVID-19, China is also not any different, where Xi Jinping is fighting a war on two fronts i.e. external & internal. Most of its host countries which have huge manufacturing units in China are all set to pack their bags from China & considering India as their next destination. Its allies have started sidelining him & countries facing its aggression have started raising their voices.

Xi Jinping is in a tough phase of his life as he has to be seen worthy of the backlash which China has entered into due to this pandemic and its alleged role. He has to remain a sustainable and worthy option for the “Politburo” & and he must give an impression to the world that “All is well” and that he is in control, whether it is meeting with Bangladesh, Pakistan or the backdoor diplomacy with Nepal and also trying to flex its muscles in South China Sea. As part of this thought process he tried his luck in sckrimish in Ladakh this time thinking he can win the perception war with India. This is mere theatrics, nothing more.

Meanwhile the new power of Asia is undisputedly India with its huge Army, IAF and blue water Navy, self consuming economy, biggest middle class, 800 million youth force, fastest growing economy and a vibrant democracy with an aggressive diplomacy which is proactive topped with a staunch leadership of Prime Minster Modi , has changed the equation of China for good.

PM Modi has to be very focused to develop the infrastructure of roads and we have developed 75% of the roads in the around Chinese border and balance 25% is WIP. We have activated all forward air bases like Doulatbeg and many more; it is now possible for Hercules to land there at will which has pricked Dragon as this is not how India has been traditionally or to be precise 6 years back.

China has realized these new changes of resilient India with a powerful leadership which means business, and its not willing to even give out even an inch of its land. Dragon had to back out in Docklam earlier after 72 days in an eyeball to eyeball confrontation with Indian Army, which actually gave him a picture of the political will and mettle of PM Modi leadership. Looking at the timing of Ladakh scrikimish India’s resolve has made Dragon rattled as they thought India will be too busy with Covid crises, and this win will be easy for China.

But after President Trump’s tweet on this matter, today China also knows that if India decides to Join NATO they cannot even dream of touching India ever again. Though India has a centuries old culture of not conquering other’s territory and a 10,000 years old culture to guide the world; we are rapidly progressing to be the “Vishwa Guru” (world leader).

China & Xi Jinping must understand, its not 1962’s India, where the political leadership was weak and fragile, but a country  not only with a staunch leadership in politics and defence but also in spheres of IT, Agriculture, Pharmaceuticals, Space (ISRO), young work forces, MNC’s, economy, scientist, doctor’s, engineer’s, entrepreneurs, world’s richest industrialist’s, Bollywood, start up’s and more. India is rapidly overcoming its image of a “Soft Power” & becoming a world power to build a new world equation.

It’s time for the world to recognize the emergence of India on the global map and appreciate its role on the world stage and geo politics.

As anyways it’s a well known fact that Elephant is real and factual for anybody to see while as Dragons only exists in story books.

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