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What has been the professional/academic track of Dr. Robin so far?

Dr. Robin Kiera pursued his education from University of Munster, University of Hamburg and Harvard University. He has had tremendous experience as a consultant, project leader, product officer, and is the founder of Digitalscouting which has been supporting, thought leaders, entrepreneurs and senior managers to share and collaborate on best practices, upto date views on tech and business and much more. He is also the Chief Product Officer of W&Z FinTech GmbH and has been responsible for setting up exosystems and services for various affluent professionals and determining portfolio strategy and product-software development. Dr.Kiera has tremendous insight and knowledge of tech trends and also in making assessments as per the technology growth and development areas.

Are organizations missing a trick by not creating a “Chief Insourcing Officer” post?

All kinds of projects both insourced and outsourced require responsible individuals and managers who can lead the teams. When it comes to insourcing, the importance becomes multi-fold as it would directly effect the projects which are being brought back home in-house. These projects will tend to have a long term affect and will be directly under the control of the company. Thus I believe that in the end, insourcing should be the top priority of the Chief Insourcing officer and the CEO.

How can a CIO create a solid business case for insourcing?

Business case scenarios for insourcing can be created and worked upon at all the levels of the organizations and not just the business cases for success but for the cases of failure too so that the organizations are better prepared for the process and transitions into bringing processes back in-house. Having failure case scenarios has another great benefit of providing tremendous support and information resources to other organizations who are looking to build upon insourcing models and solutions. This will promote the growth of the insourcing culture which will simultaneously lead to the growth of the industry. In the current times when knowledge and USP is the game-changer in every domain of the industry, it is the very commodity to play the game by. Thus, it becomes very important that this knowledge be saved inside the company.

In your domain of product development and management, how important will insourcing be as a transition and adoption in the organizations.

Currently, product development is being highly digitized and scrutinized to become very streamlined and highly robust to meet the sophisticated and high-end demands of the industry. Product development and design has been a very sophisticated process as always and requires much intellectual property and knowledge which should be kept safe at all costs and in situations. Consequently, the only way to do product development in the most effective way is by doing it in-house. And this is what In-sourcing allows us to do, product development in probability will benefit tremendously by insourcing transition. It will be wonderful to see the affects when the entire product development process is completely in house made possible through insourcing.

Where do you think the Insourcing industry is headed towards the future?

I am more than sure that the insourcing industry is headed towards a wonderful future with more and more organizations adopting the insourcing models. It is even more wonderful that there are several types of insourcing models which can be adopted and many of them are highly flexible such as that of offshore insourcing models in which the outsourced centers can even be converted into in-house centers for the organizations, a lot of organizations including fortune 500 companies have already set up their GIC or global insourcing centers which are offshore and on shore .The point to be noted here is these companies traditionally have been contributions loins share to outsourcing business as such. In all probability, the insourcing industry is going to grow and provide its benefits to a large number of organizations in the coming future.

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