Dr. Janusz Grobicki – Assistant professor – Adam Smith Center – Polska


Financial services and strategic planning

What is insourcing with respect to your industry?

In the industry of financial and strategic planning, insourcing is
all about keeping the intellectual properties and models that are
developed, under complete control and security. Every strategic and
every financial model that is built is the brain child of a number of
creative professionals who form an integral part of the organization.
Any new technology endorsement or process development which takes place,
needs to be essentially done in-house to maintain the integrity of the
process models and intellectual property to be developed.

Why is it gaining momentum in your industry?

Insourcing has been a like a renewed concept which is age old. We
have always been insourced but now we are just bringing it back after
the outsourcing spree. With the growing requirement of IP rights,
constant control, long term planning and perennial solutions, insourcing
has become important. Especially in the finance and strategic planning
area where the situations are more often than not, high-risk
high-profit, giving all the more reasons to insource the operations and
maintains control and performance measures.

How can a CIO create a solid business case for insourcing?

CIOs need to put forth the real numbers because in the end that is
what will count. The big picture should show that the insourcing
transition will benefit immensely in the long run and subsequently
create value for the organization and its clients. The business case
needs to cover all the elements including revenue growth, workforce
re-skilling, client satisfaction, board satisfaction and above all
organizational value development. With some less and some more, a solid
business case of insourcing can be developed.

What does the future hold for the insourcing development and industry?

The insourcing industry I believe will witness a steady rise if not a
raging growth. The advantages are evident and with the correct
modelling and maintenance of process control and operational insight,
tremendous gains can be made from the insourcing models. In the future
we will witness different kinds of hybrid insourcing models which can
even be derived from the paradigms of outsourcing and getting the best
of both.

What is the support which the insourcing multiplier can provide?

Insourcing Multplier, I believe will be the portal and support to
organizations in helping understand the why and how of insourcing. It
can provide the information, insight and furthermore the support needed
to realize the insourcing transition as and when needed by the

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