Dr. Anshuman Ghosh – Lead Data Scientist – Target – India


Retail industry data analysis

What has been the professional and academic track followed by Dr. Anshuman Ghosh?

Dr. Anshuman Ghosh has a masters and a doctorate from XLRI and has
numerous certifications in advanced technologies from places such as
Stanford University, Harvard University and University of Illinois. He
has worked in strategy, analysis, data visualization and data analysis.
He has worked in fortune companies including Spice Group, Star TV and
currently he is working as the Lead Data Scientist at Target, Bangalore.
He works with cutting edge technologies including Artificial
Intelligence, Machine Learning, Big Data and more. He is an Evangelist
who works to adopt open source tools such as R, Python and Hadoop.

What is insourcing with respect to your industry?

In our industry, data is the king and the oil. Insourcing in essence
is bringing back of all the operations in-house and making sure that the
operations and procedures are under the control of the organization.
This would keep the data safe and risk-free from getting in the wrong
hands and being used in the wrong ways. In our industry, insourcing is
all about control, safety and intense communication with all the
operations taking place under the same roof.

Why is it gaining momentum in your industry?

Our industry works on the data of numerous organizations which is
sensitive in most aspects. Such data needs to be analyzed and assessed
in various manners possibles including ways which are intellectual
property of the organization. In such situations, it is important that
the data is kept secure and under complete control of our organization.
We make sure that our client’s data is visualized and analyzed
absolutely efficiently and in the correct manner. Insourcing seems to be
the most important change that is needed to ensure that data analysis
and visualization is done in the proper manner while keeping sensitive
information safe.

How can a CIO create a solid business case for insourcing?

The CIOs need to make sure that the business case is constructed in a
manner that points out the long term benefits and monetary increments
which will be included in the manifest. The business case should not
only take into account the security and data safety features that come
inherently with the insourcing transition but must also include the
advantages in terms of revenue increment and skill development of the
professionals. It should be a wholesome package taking care of all the
aspects of the organization’s development.

What does the future hold for the insourcing development and industry?

Without doubt, the future of insourcing development and industry is
bright with the increasing demand and requirement of better and more
controlled environments for operations. Especially in the industry of
data analysis and visualization, we can say that almost all processes
will be preferred to be insourced to ensure that we are aware of the
full picture of the data story without any risk of data or information
loss. In the future we will definitely be seeing better and more
insourcing models and solutions being endorsed by the organizations at
all levels to ensure their fortification and solidarity.

What is the support which the insourcing multiplier can provide?

As it seems, the insourcing multiplier will be the window to a lot of
knowledge and information resources. The initiative will help a number
of organizations in all probability to move towards their initiative of
insourcing transitions and making sure that they are able to make smart
decisions which have minimum risks of failure and minimum chances of
transition cost overheads and losses.


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