Dr. Alex Ndukwe – Chief Executive Officer – Tekville Systems – Nigeria


ICT and Filtered power Management

Current project

Deployment of Solar Power for an NGO

Most proud achievement

Delivering IT Services within specified time frame

Dream project

Manufacturing of Digital interactive board

Team size


Total IT / Technology budget (people + Infra + outsourcing + Services)

50,000 USD

What according to you defines Insourcing in your industry?

Using the available resource and the in-house teams and staff to
accomplish projects on premise within stipulated time frames. It can
also be termed as the skill development of the in-house teams as per the
latest technologies and industrial growths.

Why is it gaining momentum in your industry?

With the increasing insourcing transitions, we are experiencing that
it aids in cost reduction. Especially in terms of long term benefits,
insourcing has provided with a number of monetary advantages and cost
cutting solutions. Owing to this and many other reasons, insourcing has
gained much momentum in the industry.

How is it better than the earlier pre-outsourcing situation?

From the pre-outsourcing situations we have moved into an era where
we need to make sure that we meet the customer’s demands and do it in a
manner that it even suits the organizations requirements. The most
important factors which have improved include cost reduction, control of
timelines, maintaining standards and facilitation of mentoring.

What services lend themselves best to outsourcing in your industry?

In our industry, we find that Software development has been one of the most outsourced domains.

How difficult or easy was Insourcing transition for you?

It’s in our company policy to insource our operations as much as we
can. Hence, we try to make the insourcing operations and transitions as
easy as we can, with experience we have also learned to do it in the
best possible manners.

What percentage of IT is currently insourced and how do you see it stabilizing in two years’ time?

Currently we have 75% of our IT insourced. We are planning to bring it up to 100% in 2 years time.

What are the key considerations for successful Insourcing?

We need to ensure that the insourcing transition is aligned with the
organization’s policies. Moreover, we need to ensure the availability of
resources and competent staff’s contribution and growth to ensure a
symbiotic development.

How can a CIO create a solid business case for Insourcing?

The CIO essentially needs to ensure that that the bottom line is
impacted and improved upon along with the amalgamation of resources
adequate for such purposes. Once this is done, the focus should be on
long term benefits and growth factors.

What are the key consideration is budgeting Insourcing transition costs?

While creating and jotting down the budget for the insourcing
operations and insourcing transitions we need to keep in focus the
volume of business transactions, cost of infrastructure and manpower
development so as to match the required skill set for the given
operations at hand.

How can one ensure that the in-house IT will be able to support future requirements and innovations?

The key factors which can influence the growth of the in-house IT
team is to indulge them in research and make sure they are trained and
skilled at every technology turnover. Moreover, exposure to the latest
technologies and becoming adept in the tools will make sure that the
team is up to date with the latest technologies.

What is the Insourcing Multiplier support that is essential for success?

I believe that the best advantage the Insourcing Multiplier can
provide is the standards and expectations that companies can expect from
their insourcing transitions. Moreover ensuring the resources can match
expectations of the organizations growth.

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