Declare the cow a national animal, and the right to protect it should be recognised as a basic right of Hindus Allahabad High Court

According to Live Law, the Allahabad High Court ruled on Wednesday that the cow should be declared India’s national animal and that Hindus’ right to protect it should be established as a basic right.

The words were made by Justice Shekhar Yadav when denying bail to a guy who had been charged of stealing and murdering a cow. In accordance with the Prevention of Cow Slaughter Act, he had been charged.

According to Bar and Bench, the judge also stated that protecting cows is not the responsibility of a single religious tradition. “Cow is India’s culture, and the effort of preserving that culture is the responsibility of every resident living in the country, regardless of religion,” he continued.

As Yadav put it, “the right to life takes precedence over the right to kill.”

According to him, the right to consume beef will never be regarded a basic right. “The right to have a meaningful life is not solely the privilege of beef eaters; rather, people who revere the cow and are financially dependent on cows have the right to live a meaningful life as well.”

The judge went on to say that cows must be revered if India is to flourish, and he criticised individuals in charge of cow sanctuaries for their actions. The government also constructs cow shelters, but according to Bar and Bench, the people who are responsible for caring for the cows do not do so.

Private cow shelters, according to the judge, are a ruse to hide cattle. According to him, people accept donations from the public and financial assistance from the government in the name of cow promotion, but they use the money for their own benefit and do not care about the cows.

Yadav has also requested that the government enact stringent legislation against anyone who advocate for the ill treatment of cows.

Cow protection has been a common topic of discussion in the Bhartiya Janata Party’s election campaigns in the run-up to the elections. In certain states, the saffron party has enacted legislation prohibiting the killing of cows.

A significant increase in incidences of mob violence motivated by cow protection has occurred after the BJP assumed control of the federal government in 2014, according to government data. Muslims have been attacked by vigilantes, some of whom have been expressly endorsed by the party’s leaders, for allegedly slaughtering cows or transporting them for slaughter.

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