David Houlding – Principle Healthcare Lead – Microsoft USA


Healthcare and Information Technology

Tell us a little bit about David and the career path taken.

David has worked for over 24 years in the healthcare industry working
on healthcare servic providence, pharmaceuticals and life sciences
domains. Over the years, David has inculcated deep experience and
expertise in privacy, security, compliance, blockchain, AI/ML and cloud
computing. He is one of those people who always had a broad outlook and
have worked with a wide range of solutions in order to help reduce the
cost of healthcare while improving the patient outcome. David is an
alumni of Simon Fraser University, Canada and is a certified CISSP and
CIPP professional.

Where do you think we stand in the current industrial space?

It will not be wrong at all to say that we are at a very crunch time
which is also very interesting. Technology is changing at a blinding
pace and we are witnessing the emergence of some very advanced and
unexpected technologies such as AI and Autonomy which is bound to change
the industry as we see it.

How do you think insourcing can be defined?

Insourcing I believe is less about bringing processes and operations
back in house but more about developing belongingness and ownership in
the company towards the operations and services. This would mean that
the company can even develop off shore centres which in this high speed
communication world are highly easy to handle and maintain. Insourcing
essentially relates just to more control and more efficiency which
benefits the organization tremendously in the long run.

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