Clinical Trial For The Covid Vaccine

Covid-19 outbreak is the deadliest pandemic in modern era which has deeply shaken the entire world. More than 7.27 million people are COVID-19 active patients worldwide with a death toll of 413 K.

Scientists worldwide are working round the clock to invent the vaccine of COVID-19. There are more than 150 groups working globally to develop the vaccine, but only 10 of them have entered the clinical trial process. Countries like USA, UK, Spain, France, Italy Israel, Germany, Japan & China etc. are trying to develop the vaccine & few of them are in their advanced stage of clinical research but getting approval from the authority is the greatest barrier in the process.

For example, US FDA has stopped the human trial of AZT drugs & not yet given the permission for human trials of other drugs, due to the complexity within its authoritative body. Other developed countries are also facing a similar kind of problem. Usually it takes 1-2 years to get approval for any vaccine from the respective authoritative body & it takes around 4-5 years to develop any vaccine. But the outbreak of COVID-19   has drastically changed the entire world order & its needs. The need of the hour is to get the vaccine & get its mass production rolling to save as many people as possible.  

No country should hesitate to sideline its standard protocol to save the innocent lives of as many people as possible. It seems that similar kinds of thoughts are going in the minds of Modi government of India.

India is a rising power of the “New World”, having a great interest for its citizens but also for the entire humanity & also putting all its efforts to fight the global pandemic. The country which has contributed the Lion share in Pharmaceutical  products. It’s Pune (India) based Serum Institute has already started the mass production of COVID-19 vaccine which is in the advanced stage of clinical trial.  The company has risked a huge amount of investment in the process of producing the mass production of the vaccine even before the final approval from the respective body. India’s Modi Government is all set to bring critical reforms to cut down the regulatory maze. The govt. is focused to faster clinical trails & boost research & innovation in vaccine. The govt’s concern body “Niti Aayog” has decided that Pune (India) based CDAC (Center for Development of Advanced Computing) will develop a common platform which will provide all required approvals for clinical trials. Usually it takes 12-18 months but that is in normal situations, the current severe situation caused due to COVID-19, needs fast measures & war footing arrangements to counter the global pandemic.  The humanity is running out of time, it’s a race against the time. A huge population of India (1.3 Billion) cannot risk its lives due to the technical criticality of getting the approval like USA FDA. Now rest of the world & their common people have to decide either they will put their lives in risk due to the complexity of protocol based authoritative  bodies like US FDA or will get the life saving vaccine sidelining the standard protocols of the governments authoritative bodies, the mass need to decide.

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