Who am I? Where do I belong to? What is the task of this time? Do we ever ask these questions to ourselves? If yes than the common method to find an answer is google it but is google capable enough to answer such kind of questions?

If you don’t find a suitable answer for such questions than a platform named Brahma Kumari’s famously known as Om Mandali (Om Group, as the members of the organization continuously chant OM) will give you answer of such questions.

BrahmaKumaris, a spiritual movement started in 1930’s (from India), founded by a wealthy jeweler turned spiritual guide, Lekhraj Kriplani famously known as “Om Baba” or “Brahma Baba”. Its headquarters is based in Mumbai (India). The organization’s objective is to impart moral values in human life & to promote spiritual values, happiness, peace & harmony worldwide.

Rather than being a sect of any religion, its teachings gives a spiritual common platform which breaks the boundaries of religion, cast, creed or social background. It teaches “Raja Yoga” (a form of meditation) & spiritual self-realization which does not restricts any religion trying to establish a global culture based on soul or conciseness.

This organization is affiliated with the United Nations, known for its role in giving key roles to women in the organization. It also has a consultative status in UN in Economic & Social council. This spiritual movement have 1 million followers worldwide (they have 8500 centers in more than 100 countries) especially in the western countries (Europe, USA, Australia, Russia etc.). Interestingly the organization is women dominated, most of its spiritual guides & key position holders in the organization are females.

Their free meditation programs are focused on people suffering from stress, looking for peace of mind, wanting to increase concentration and focus, want to get relaxed, searching for happiness in life or for spiritual enlightenment. They also offer free courses like positive thinking, self-management leadership, living values etc. They strongly believe that individual’s physical senses are the root cause of all sorrows and sufferings & instruct to live a balanced lifestyle for self-management. The followers of Brahma Kumaris are restricted to take alcohol or drugs, non-vegetarian foods, spicy foods & they are advised to cook their food themselves.

Brahma Kumaris believe that humans are made up of two things i.e. external or visible body & the soul, whose character is revealed through individual’s external activity. And all soul’s resides with God in a “soul world”, a world full of light, peace, silence & the souls take shape of human body to take birth. They consider God as the supreme soul, who is omnipresent and shapeless whose purpose is to remove all human sufferings by awaking spirituality, which is the key to bring justice, peace & well-being to humanity.

They strongly believe in the concept of “Karma” i.e. every individual’s actions have consequences & depend upon ones good or bad karma decides the next life (rebirth) of that person. They say by doing “good Karma” & meditation humans can purify (get rid of from previous life’s bad “Karma” & past sins) himself/herself resulted a better life in next birth. The followers are instructed to follow few principles in their lives i.e. living with simplicity, learning continuously, buying compassionately, sharing generously, nonviolence, using economically, help the needy in all possible way & self-awaking through meditation. In continuation of their spiritual journey they also run social, charitable & humanitarian programs such as:

  • Janaki Foundation for global health care- Its health care charity program for the people of UK.
  • The point of life foundation- A USA based charity program to serve the global community. It also takes educational initiatives for healthcare professional & general public.
  • Women empowerment- They are running several programs globally for women empowerment. Also, they are imparting trainings to women’s globally, how to balance their personal, family & professional lives.
  • J Watumall Global Hospital- A global hospital based in Rajasthan (India) to provide medical assistance & healthcare benefits to world community.
  • Sustainable Yogic agriculture- A educational program based on traditional & organic farming for the local farmers of rural India to make them self-empowered.
  • Renewable energy- They have built world’s largest solar cooker & thermal power plant which produce 22000 kwh electricity daily, which is a great source of Renewable energy.
  • The organization also offers yoga/meditation & spiritual programs to prisoners so that they can become the part of the mainstream society & can live a normal life.

Brahma Kumaris believe that when the sin or bad karma of humans will reach its peak, there will be a worldwide destruction as per the wish of God (this can be done by Nuclear Wars between nations or via natural calamities) & the human sins will be cleansed to repeat the age of Sat Yuga (as per Sanatan Dharma the entire span of human age is divided into 4 ages/yuga i.e. Sat Yuga, Dwapar Yuga, Treta Yuga & the current age Kali Yuga). And out the 4 ages/yugas, Sat Yuga was the first Yuga, a period when all humans were doing conscious living (self-awakened, wise, pure & blissful), a time of heaven in the earth & people living that period considered as self-realized soul’s who used to follow “Dharma” (Dharma means to do the righteous act, follow the law of the land, speak only truth, free from lust, material happiness, disharmony, anger, criminal activities, hurting others, being selfless & spiritually enlightened).  Brahma Kumaris strongly believes that the sins of human reached its peak &the time is very near when there will be a global destruction/cleansing (by God), ending the current age i.e. Kali Yuga & 4 Yugas will repeat itself. In that new world there won’t be any hatred, crime, darkness, worldly sufferings, sorrow, socio-economic imbalance, any sort of negativity & there will be universal peace, love & harmony. The humanity to enter again in the golden age of Sat Yuga.

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