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India is a land of spirituality, a land of innovation, diversity and the land of divinity. It is also the birth place of Sanatan Dharma which is the mother of all faiths, cultures & innovations. Sanatan Dharma has not only survived over the past 10,000 years with its rich culture, deep rooted social morals, ethics and spiritual ethos but has also saved itself from thousands of foreign invasions, which have  tried their best to malign & uproot this eternal Dharma. The preachers and followers of Sanatan Dharma have kept its sanctity pure by preserving its rich culture, food habits, spirituality & most importantly its knowledge & philosophy.

Sanatan Dharma always kept its doors open for the world & never discriminated any human being based on creed, skin color, and gender, social or financial status. From times immemorial great human beings have taken birth in Sanatan Dharma who dedicated their lives for the service of mankind in their respective fields. Still there are large numbers of souls out there who have dedicated their lives for the betterment of mankind silently & continuously.

The Art of Living Foundation headed by honorable Sri Sri Ravi Shankar is also trying to distribute the same ancient knowledge & spiritualism of Sanatan Dharma to the whole world for the upliftment of mankind & for the enrichment of future generation.

Art of Living foundation is an NGO founded by Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, a renowned Yoga Guru (Yoga Master) & Saint worldwide. It is a volunteer-based, humanitarian & educational NGO.

The foundation’s focus is on stress-eliminating, mind-controlling developmental programs via the ancient Indian Yoga & meditation which claims to heal various physical illnesses and keep the mind & body fit & fresh. 

Ravi Shankar, a Yogic Guru & spiritual mentor well known as Sri Sri, earned a Bachelor’s Degree of Science from Joseph’s College of Bangalore University and he is also a Master of Vedic science, Yoga & meditation.

He along with his Guru Maharshi Mahesh Yogi, started to address the gatherings in late 1980’s across the globe about spirituality, yoga & meditation. Finally, the Art of Living foundation got operational from 1983.

As per Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, science & spirituality goes hands in hand where “Who am I” leads to spirituality & “What is this” leads to science.

As the course is not restricted to any specific religion or faith therefore people from different walks of life can be a part of this & enjoy its fruits.  Sanatan (eternal) Dharma (righteous way of living) is not a faith where you are bound with unavoidable bundle of rules, where thinking about reform is considered to be a sin & for this so called sin, your fellow religion followers & custodians of that religion can do your ostracism. Sanatan Dharma is like an ocean where water from different river, canals can merge & ocean will never ask about its source of history or geography.

In Sanatan Dharma there is no compulsion, in its teaching you will find all about moral beliefs, doing righteous activities, obeying social laws, service for mankind, spiritual uplifting, overcome from material deeds, it also guides about the negativity created because of a dark mind & its destructive outcome and also allows human to find the right path & act, which is also called free will. Not just that Sanatan Dharma is the only faith that speaks about universal brotherhood.

Sanatan Dharma & its philosophies unite the society where people belongs to different cultural background, faith, color and gender as it believes that all living beings are the creation of God hence they should be treated equal.

Art of Living foundation is based on yoga; it is one of the oldest practice which has still survived on Earth. It has an unbelievable potential & is a boon for the mankind. It has been invented, flourished, practiced & preserved by Indian great souls over thousands of years. Its dated back to 3000 B.C.E. Yoga is a combination key to uplift anyone’s physical, mental & spiritual strength. There are 3 types of Yogas.

Swami Vivekanand translated Yoga Sutra (holy book which described Yoga in details) that “ Yoga essentially consists of meditative practices culminating in attaining a state of consciousness free from all modes of active or discursive thought & of eventually attaining a state where consciousness is unaware of any object external to itself”.

  • It has a huge following of 300 million worldwide.
  • Art of living is offering   its services to more than 156 countries & its head quarter is based in Bangalore, India.
  • It also enjoys a special consultative status in the UN’s economic & social council.
  • Art of Living organizes classes for a huge 1.2 million individuals every year worldwide to attend its Yoga & meditation classes.

It also actively participates in various activities related to health, education, conflict resolution, sustainable development & disaster relief. It has been also accredited as a United Nations non-governmental organization in 1996.

Art of Living foundation also organizes free Yoga & meditation classes worldwide like in U.S., India, Germany, Canada, Africa, Israel, Brazil, Argentina etc.

In today’s mechanical age where most of us are fighting mental stress, heart diseases, depression, physical unfitness, diseases caused due to our unhealthy way of life, consumption of junk food, meat, alcohol, pollution, emotional breakdowns, lack of balance in work & personal life, leads us towards unethical practices, increasing numbers of hate crimes etc. as we are all searching for a short cut to everything. In such a situation, Art of Living comes as a ray of hope for mankind.

India has a rich culture of practicing meditation & yoga since ancient times by various great Yogis/Saints. They have preserved this ancient treasure for the betterment of the world and society at large.

Govt. also uses Art of Living as a tool to bring criminals & ex-militants into the mainstream society. Art of Living programs also helps government/private sector officials/executives, firemen, military personnel, various other professionals to reduce stress, increase focus, attain mental peace & stability, it also helps patients to overcome mental trauma and emotional breakdown.

Many beneficiaries claim that by practicing Art of Living individuals have even been able to overcome some diseases where no treatment or medicines are available by the modern day medical science.

Art of Living is designed for people of all age groups, starting from children, youngsters, middle-aged or old people. It increases the focus in studies for children, help young people to get rid of addictions, help middle-aged people to avoid common disease like cholesterol, heart problem, migraine, hypertension etc. & help old people to stay fit & live longer.

Art of Living foundation continues its efforts to help the society to get rid of its poor, physical & mental condition because of the unhealthy lifestyle, addiction of toxicities & makes them spiritually enriched.

AsatomaSadgamaya. Tamasomajyotirgamaya. Mitrormaamrtamgamaya.

(From the ignorance, lead me to truth. From the darkness, lead me to light. From death, lead me to immortality). Om Shanti.

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