About Us

About Us

A brainchild of Sumit Peer & Meghna Peer, United Perspectives is a news and opinion website that brings you analysis and narrative from a point of view often ignored or concealed by the mainstream media across the world.

Through United Perspectives our objective is to build a united and unanimous viewpoint of various events happening across the world and impacting the lives of the common man.

We provide you an analysis that offers a complete different perspective of the happenings across the world be it in the financial world, political world, business, fashion or the entertainment industry. United Perspectives provides its viewers a 360 degree view on all the news analysis & details and at the same time provide them with all the necessary details related to the impact it brings on their lives.

The Articles which are being represented here at United Perspectives are truly designed to cater to our viewers worldwide, a keen view on getting a practical knowledge & in-depth analysis and a defined perspective which is sacrosanct. It is not news but it’s the analysis and perspective which makes it a cut above the rest.

As we all know, Information is the key, followed by perspective which is the new Gold and finally Data is the new Oil. So, keeping this in mind we ensure to provide the best perspective for our clients to thrive and improve their life & businesses considerably. We believe that growth and development of the business of the client and industries will be led and driven by global perspectives in the coming century and our IPR through United Perspectives is going to help us build the same.




A Visionary, Columnist, Entrepreneur, renowned Political Commentator, Speaker, globe-trotter and a concerned citizen with a mission of contributing towards nation building.

In his 24 plus years of experience with various multimillion-dollar, multicultural, multilingual organizations, Sumit has lived and worked across three continents and travelled to more than 60 countries for business.

As the fearless corporate leader, Sumit achieved enormous results and won many awards and accolades through his emphatic vision & execution. 

His vision to give back to the country led him to start some very innovative enterprises one of which is united perspectives.

United Perspectives is a portal covering a host of subjects with a focus on national and global current affairs and enlightening people on the Sanatan way of life. www.unitedperspectives.com

He is today a renowned Speaker, a Thought Leader and has addressed numerous National and International forums, conferences & seminars on various topics of national interest.                                                                                  

He is a sought-after primetime Political Commentator and Opinion-Maker on talk-shows & debates with more than 1500 TV debates on various national media channels for putting Indian perspective across.

He has also published path-breaking articles in over 50 plus Media Houses Nationally and Internationally, which have been received with utmost enthusiasm & respect.

He is a tireless enthusiastic social worker and has been instrumental in upliftment of the underprivileged sections of the society as a concerned Indian having an allegiance to the welfare of the country at large.

He holds a Post-Graduation in Sales & Marketing, Advertising Management and General Management from the University of Cornell USA (Ivy League), besides having IT qualifications like MCSE, CCNA and CCDA.

Meghna Peer , Chief Editor

Meghna Peer is A Senior Marketing professional with over two decades of expertise in building and implementing Marketing and Sales Strategies for various products and services. 

She has around 8 years of international corporate experience, 10 years for of Entrepreneur experience and 4 years of Indian corporate work experience. While being based in Singapore and Europe handling regional profiles. She has closely worked with multi-cultural and multi-lingual teams, and has a proven track record of handling communications, messaging and creating the requisite impacts in varied demography’s cultures and ethnicity. Having travelled to more than 30 countries for business gives her a varied perspective and edge.

She is an author with leading National and International publications, she has also participated in numerous talk shows and Industry Events.  

Her blend of professional experience comes with an added advantage of being a successful Entrepreneur, which makes her thought process realistic, practical, professional and highly result-oriented focus.

Meghna has completed Bachelors and Masters degree in Journalism and Mass Communication from University of Delhi and MBA from Symbiosis Institute of Management Studies, Pune.